Nov 14, 2011

Mexico Politics: Deadly Mexico Plane Crash Sparks Conspiracy Theories

InSight Crime: "The death of ...(Mexico's Interior Minister) Jose Francisco Blake Mora, in a helicopter crash has triggered a round of feverish speculation about the causes of the crash.

Officials invited international experts to participate in the investigation, and later reported that initial inquiries indicate that the crash was an accident. They also said that the pilots never lost control of the aircraft, suggesting that they flew into a hillside as a result of a impromptu change of the flight plan, which, in turn, was due to cloudy conditions. Such declarations do little to calm the storm of suspicions of foul play that erupted immediately after the news hit the airways.

According to the most prominent conspiracy theory, one criminal group or another sought to send a message to Calderon by targeting one of his closes collaborators. ...  An alternative theory is much simpler and more logical, though probably more damning. That is, the extraordinary number of fatal crashes (three in six years)  is not caused by criminal groups sending messages to the president, but rather by a deficient aviation safety system." read more

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