Sep 16, 2014

Certification prison: new onslaught of American interventionism?

Latin America Info: Last August 50 Women’s Social Rehabilitation Center of Atlacholoaya, Morelos, went on a hunger strike to protest mistreatment and tighter security measures in that prison, in the context of the certification process that promotes American Correctional Association (ACA, for its acronym in English).

The protest action, which just led to a small note in local newspapers, was a call of attention to a broader process that is taking place across the country: the importation of a punitive American prison model, on behalf security and governance.  Read more.

Mexico says will scrap limits on business dollar cash deposits

Reuters: Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said on Friday he would scrap limits on companies making dollar deposits in cash that were imposed by the previous government.

"Now companies will not have restrictions in their banks to deposit dollars in cash, or carry out currency exchanges," Pena Nieto said during a speech in the northern border city of Reynosa.  Read more. 

Sep 11, 2014

Mexico denounces deployment of National Guard in Texas border

Noticias MVS: Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Mexico reiterated its "strongest rejection" and condemnation of the deployment of these military forces and said it is "irresponsible to manipulate the current state of border security for political purposes."

The government of Mexico reiterated its strongest condemnation of the deployment of the first units of the National Guard of Texas, announced Wednesday by the office of the state governor, Rick Perry.

Through a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that our country states that it is irresponsible to manipulate the current state of border security for political purposes and reiterated that migration must be addressed from a holistic and regional perspective, with a medium-term shared vision that guarantees peace, inclusion and prosperity in the region.

He added that the action taken unilaterally by the government of Texas is undoubtedly wrong and does not contribute to the efforts undertaken by both countries to build a secure border and a solution to migration. This decision does not accredit the collaboration among civil society and opposes the principles and values on which Mexico and the United States govern their bilateral relationship.

Translated by Nidia Bautista 

Mexico Is Only OECD Country Where Work Trumps School Among Youth

Latin American Herald Tribune: Mexicans between the ages of 15 and 29 will spend an average 6.4 years working and 5.3 years studying, according to a report released Tuesday by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The study, Education at a Glance 2014, found that Mexico is the only country among the 34 OECD members where youth spend less time in school than on the job.  Read more. 

Youth in Mexico Confront a Bleak Job Market

Vallarta Daily: The National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENOE) indicated in late August that 85% of youth between the ages of 20 and 29 earn the lowest wages in the country, at 6,000 pesos (US$450) or less a month.

The youth unemployment rate nationally stood at 8.3 percent, equivalent to 349,000 young people between the ages of 14 and 29, of which 14.5 percent are college graduates.  Read more. 

Sep 8, 2014

Latin American Herald Tribune - Planned Mexico City Airport Threatens Environment, Senator Says

Latin American Herald Tribune: The new airport to be built in a Mexico City lake system threatens 120 species in the area with extinction, Sen. Alejandro Encinas said.

“The Lake Texcoco area is a flood zone, making it less than ideal for an airport,” Encinas, a member of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), said in a statement.  Read more. 

Mexico first with dengue vaccination?

Mexico News Daily: Vaccination against dengue fever could soon become a reality and Mexico could well be the first country to approve its use.

The French drugmaker Sanofi says its vaccine reduced cases of the disease — sometimes known as breakbone fever — by 60.8% in its second major clinical trial. Read more.