Sep 1, 2014

A failed journey: Central American migrants turned back before US border

Christian Science Monitor: When 5-year-old Georgina first saw her older brother and cousin descend from the bus that brought them back from Mexico, she let out a joyful scream.

But her aunt sobbed and her mother couldn’t bear to look. For them, the return of Ismael and Abraham – after just eight days en route to the United States – marked a quick and painful defeat for their family. They had mortgaged their home to pay $8,000 for a coyote to smuggle the cousins to the US.  Read more. 

Aug 28, 2014

Mexico officials pull CentAm migrants from trains

AP: U.S.-bound Central Americans are fleeing urban areas and hiking into the woods and low jungle for fear of being detained by Mexican officials rounding up migrants in southern Mexico.

Until recently, the streets of Arriaga bustled with migrants who would stay at cheap flophouses and shelters and hop aboard the northbound freight trains at will. The streets of the city of about 40,000 people now look empty.  Read more. 

Aug 24, 2014

Mexico says 2012 attack on US Embassy vehicle was a "Crass" error

Borderland Beat: A 2012 incident in which Mexican federal police raked an armored U.S. Embassy vehicle with gunfire was the result of a “crass error” in judgment by the officers but was not an ambush ordered by organized crime, the nation’s top security czar said Wednesday.

In the Aug. 24, 2012, incident, federal police attacked a U.S. Embassy vehicle, riddling it with at least 152 rounds of assault weapons fire in what U.S. diplomats later termed an “ambush.”

The attack occurred along a mountain road southwest of the capital. Read more. 

Aug 23, 2014

Mexico’s Gendarmerie Ready to Hit the Streets

Latin American Herald Tribune: President Enrique Peña Nieto on Friday formally commissioned the Gendarmerie, a new division of the Mexican Federal Police.

The force’s more than 5,000 members are “prepared to protect and serve Mexicans in regions where there is greater institutional weakness,” he said during the ceremony. Read more.  

Reclaiming Life from Streets of Death

FSN News: On a recent afternoon, dozens of pretty white handkerchiefs fluttered in the breeze from the fence of the Benito Juarez Monument in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Embroidered in beautiful blue, green and red letters, the words spelled out very ugly messages:

October 13, 2013 Juarez, Chihuahua
A man known as Lucky was executed in Lomas de Poleo…

Aug 22, 2014

Farmers feel economic impact of Sonora River acid spill as milk is discarded

Mexico News Daily: In terms of lost milk, the cost of the Sonora River mine spill has reached 1 million pesos as raw milk is being turned away by a pasteurization plant in Hermosillo, worsening the contamination crisis that began August 7.

The area produces about 28,000 liters of milk daily, but it is not fit for human consumption due to the presence of heavy metals in high concentrations, says a local producer.  Read more. 

California plans aid to immigrant minors

AP:  California lawmakers will approve legislation supported by Gov. Jerry Brown to spend $3 million in state money to provide legal help for unaccompanied children from Central America, Democratic leaders announced Thursday.

Making the money available to help children is "the decent thing to do and it's consistent with the progressive spirit of California," Brown said in a statement.  Read more.