Nov 6, 2009

Communique from President Manuel Zelaya on Failure of Accord (translation)


From the Desk of the President


Our arms are ideas, the struggle is a peaceful one

Accord Fails for Lack of Compliance by Micheletti

Mr. Micheletti's mockery of the Honduran people and the international community by boycotting the Tegucigalpa-San José Accord and allowing the deadline to pass on the organization of the Government of Unity by not convoking the National Congress according to his faculties and signed commitments, manifests an evident lack of will to comply with the letter and spirit of the Accord, and a rejection of the Plan Arias proposal and the resolutions of the OAS and the United Nations. We therefore declare the Accord as failed due to the non-compliance of the de facto regime with the commitment that by this date the Government of National Unity and Reconciliation should have been organized and installed, which by law should be presided over by the President elected by the people, José Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

1. We are not willing to surrender the rights of the people by legitimizing this Coup d'Etat.

2. We reject the militarization of society and that the President of Honduras be named by the elite of the Armed Forces.

3. Democracy is a supreme value of society and the only path to confronting the problems of the third poorest economy in Latin America, for which we are not willing to allow anyone to steal our Democracy with this kind of trap.

4. The permanent violations of Human Rights, the suspension of civil liberties, and the confiscation of communications media, as well as the situation of the President elected by the people surrounded by soldiers in the Brazilian Embassy, and the ongoing political persecution, constitute clear proof of the preparation of a huge political-electoral fraud for November 29.

5. We announce our complete rejection of this electoral process and its results, due to the vices mentioned above. Elections under a dictatorship constitute a fraud for the people.

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  1. Zelaya retains some integrity and dignity, and exposes the U.S. government's complicity with the coup. I'm very sorry it had to come to this, but glad that he's not going to let himself be strung along.

    The U.S. government snatches defeat from the jaws of victory by failing at any point to apply enough pressure on the golpistas to convey a real commitment to Zelaya's restoration. Either they're wildly incompetent, or they were never serious about it.

    In combination with the revelations about the new bases in Colombia (war-fighting lily pads, access to civilian airports), the message being sent loud and clear to the rest of the governments in the hemisphere is that the military and far right control our foreign policy -- pay no attention to the pretty words and feeble gestures of the "liberal" civilian fronts.