Aug 26, 2010

The failure of "Whack-a-mole:" Cooperative Mexican - U.S. Antinarcotics Efforts

Here is a lengthy (40 pages) and thorough review, by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, of the all the dimensions of "war against drugs" being waged by Mexico and the U.S.  It presents data and discussion on drug consumption, the Mexican cartels, gun trade and violence, Mexican public opinion, corruption of Mexican police and government, effects on Central American and Caribbean countries and the Merida Initiative. 

Cooperative Mexican - U.S. Antinarcotics Efforts

In summary, the report states, "The prevailing conclusion of  Mexicans and Americans who have studied antinarcotics policies is that they have failed in the United States, in Mexico, and in what is now the cooperative program between them  (i.e. the Merida Initiative) (our emphasis)  Indeed, many observers go further and argue that the policies have inflicted harm in both countries. Proceeding from these assessments, the logical follow-on is to examine policy alternatives that may have a better chance of succeeding - or at least of doing less harm."

The report then goes on to consider the possible pros and cons of decriminalization and legalization. It concludes that decriminalization might occur in the U.S., as it already has informally occurred with marijuana. It opines that legalization is unlikely for drugs other than marijuana, as there is lack of public and governmental support for this. 

August 2010, The Center for Strategic and International Studies

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