Aug 23, 2010

In Mexico, where the trouble isn’t

Here is some good news. The article provides data on where it is reasonably safe in Mexico, as well as where it is not. 

In Mexico, where the trouble isn’t: The Trans-Border Institute (of the University of San Diego) has issued its 2010 Mid-Year Report on Drug Violence in Mexico. One of its writers, Viridiana Rios, says, “Mexico is actually pretty peaceful, if we compare it to other countries.” (For a country-by-country ranking, which indicated that Mexico is safer than more than a dozen other Latin American countries, see the end of this post.) The institute’s interim director, Charles Pope, said that for all the miseries visited upon Mexico since the drug war began in late 2006, the number of tourists killed in Mexico by narco-violence seems to be zero or maybe one, depending on whom you consider to be a tourist. August 23, 2010, LA Times

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