Dec 25, 2010

Whack-a-mole: WikiLeaks Archive - Cables Show D.E.A.’s Global Reach

The mole whackers of the DEA range world-wide and out of control. This makes the war on drugs even worse than we thought, but it follows from the logic of a U.S. driven, U.N. sanctioned world war on drugs. 

WikiLeaks Archive - Cables Show D.E.A.’s Global Reach - "The Drug Enforcement Administration has been transformed into a global intelligence organization with a reach that extends far beyond narcotics, and an eavesdropping operation so expansive it has to fend off foreign politicians who want to use it against their political enemies, according to secret diplomatic cables.

In far greater detail than previously seen, the cables, from the cache obtained by WikiLeaks and made available to some news organizations, offer glimpses of drug agents balancing diplomacy and law enforcement in places where it can be hard to tell the politicians from the traffickers, and where drug rings are themselves mini-states whose wealth and violence permit them to run roughshod over struggling governments." Dec. 25, 2010

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