May 27, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: Mississippi To Be Testing Ground for New Immigration Status Checks | eWire Informer

We trust that the  American Civil Liberties Union will be keeping its eye on this "experiment."

Mississippi To Be Testing Ground for New Immigration Status Checks | eWire Informer: "E-Verify, a tool designed explicitly for immigration enforcement – which is vulnerable to borrowed, stolen or faked documents – is about ready to gain an additional tool to help with enforcement. The Obama administration indicated that, as early as June 8th, Mississippi driver’s license data will be added to the E-Verify system.

The addition of the data will be a test to see if it will aid the E-Verify system in the identification of people working illegally in the US. ...

The Department of Homeland Security, through its Citizenship and Immigration Services, has attempted to make up for the verification shortcomings of the system by adding photos from such items as green cards, US passports and work permits. The problem with this is that it doesn’t cover all workers, only some of them.

When filling out paperwork to obtain a job, it is estimated that nearly 80% of people present driver’s licenses for the purpose of establishing their identity. The spokesman for CIS, Bill Wright, indicated that this initiative is a huge step in the right direction in allowing the CIS to effectively combat the problems associated with fraud and identity theft in the process of employment verification.

Other states will be keeping an eye on the experiment to see how it will affect privacy issues for American citizens. The announcement of adding this data raised some concerns with the American Civil Liberties Union, which is the largest opponent to E-Verify."

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