May 31, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: You can't rely on E-Verify

The problem with E-Verify is not - as this LA Times editorial says - its unreliability. The problem is that it is part of a systen of immigration laws that ignores the realities of the U.S. labor market´s need for manual labor and that the labor supply comes from Mexico and Latin America. This denial of economic realities forces the creation of "illegal immigrants." The existing system of exclusionary laws then leads to finding "solutions" to the "illegal immigration problem," such as E-Verify, Secure Communities and border walls to keep out the "illegal aliens" which the system has created. The actual solution is creating a system that enables migrants to obtain work legally in the real labor market.

Immigration: You can't rely on E-Verify - Sacramento Living - Sacramento Food and Wine, Home, Health | Sacramento Bee: "The problem with the Arizona statute is not that it penalizes employers who break the law. Businesses that hire undocumented immigrants should face fines or sanctions, as called for under current federal law (although many would disagree with the court's conclusion that states may impose such penalties). The problem is that the law relies on E-Verify, which isn't ready for prime time."

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