May 16, 2011

Immigration Politics: OPINION - Gutierrez has a better immigration solution than Obama

We heartily agree.

OPINION: Gutierrez has a better immigration solution than Obama - "Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) has it right on immigration reform. President Obama has it only half right. ...

... so far only Gutierrez has a plan for how to stand up and call the bluff of the political bullies blocking immigration reform.

Gutierrez is urging Obama to sign an executive order halting the deportation of all illegal immigrants who are college age. With that one step the President can shift the political dynamics and force the loudmouths to stop their fear-mongering and get serious about reform. ...

... the small number of intensely vocal Americans who want to kick out every illegal immigrant have distorted the political marketplace and drowned out the will of the people. They are still scaring every conservative on Capitol Hill with a tired but paralyzing argument.

They repeat over and over again, while holding fingers in their ears, that any immigration reform law will reward people who committed a crime to get here or stay here by giving them “amnesty.” They ignore the reality that by not reforming the law we allow a culture of mass lawbreaking to stay in place. "

Juan Williams is an author and political analyst for Fox News Channel.

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