May 25, 2011

Immigration Politics: The Truth About E-Verify

Major problems with the functioning of E-Verify, detailed by Frank Sharry, Founder and Executive Director, America's Voice

Frank Sharry: The Truth About E-Verify: "Over the next few weeks and months, we'll hear Republicans claim unequivocally that E-Verify is the next great solution to our immigration problem. It's not; the real solution is comprehensive immigration reform. So, let's look at some key facts about the GOP's next 'great' idea -- mandatory E-Verify for all workers:...

If Democrats proposed legislation that would cause the loss of almost 800,000 jobs, would force 4 million more workers into an administrative quagmire, would cause an undue burden on small businesses, would nearly wipe out the agricultural workforce, would result in the loss of tax revenue -- and had a failure rate of 50%, Republicans would be apoplectic."

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