May 21, 2011

Immigration Reality: Illegal Immigrants’ Children Suffer, Study Finds

Another consequence of our broken immigration system -- damaged children with damaged futures

Illegal Immigrants’ Children Suffer, Study Finds - "... a recently published study of the early development of children born to illegal immigrants in New York City suggests that most stories ... do not end as well.

Even though the children have citizenship and live in an immigrant-friendly city that offers them a wide array of services, many are still hobbled by serious developmental and educational deficits resulting from their parents’ lives in the shadows, according to the study, whose author says it is the most comprehensive look to date at the effects of parents’ immigration status on young children....

Hirokazu Yoshikawa, a Harvard education professor ... has published the study as a book, “Immigrants Raising Citizens” (Russell Sage Foundation, 2011)....

“Millions of the youngest citizens in the United States, simply by virtue of being born to a parent with a particular legal status, have less access to the learning opportunities that are the building blocks of adult productivity,” he wrote."

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