May 20, 2011

Immigration Reality: Trejo family's identity straddles the border

From a Louisiana newspaper, a wonderfully human, in-depth story of a Mexican immigrant family that started out being "illegal" and ended up making a significant contribution to its community.

Trejo family's identity straddles the border | Shreveporttimes | "The Trejo family's story is an old one for the United States, a country built upon immigrants who came in search of a better life. But northwest Louisiana will increasingly see the growth and flux of the Hispanic population that is now the nation's largest minority group. The increasing presence of Hispanic culture will continue to diversify a community accustomed to defining racial lines as black and white.

The Trejos' identity straddles a border. It puts a face on immigrant families from Mexico that represent two thirds of the country's 40 million Hispanics, many who feel their life is in one place but their heart is somewhere else."

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