May 10, 2011

Mexico Looks at U.S. Politics: Obama Quiets the 'Right-Wing Witch Hunters' ... for Now

A Mexican news analyst looks at the U.S. politics after the killing of Osama bin Laden. From the newspaper Excelsior.

Obama Quiets the 'Right-Wing Witch Hunters' ... for Now: Excelsior, Mexico: "The far-right's offensive against Barack Obama is multifaceted and crude. Until last week at least, before the liquidation of Osama bin Laden, it seemed there was no stopping it. Since before winning the presidency, and in less than subtle language, they've wanted to strip him of his legitimacy as a political person and now that he's a figure of U.S. power, also of his status and right to citizenship. This type of discourse, which seemed to have ebbed and been buried in the 70s by the U.S. multicultural political landscape, reemerged."

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