May 25, 2011

Whack-a-mole drug war: Calderon’s Churchill Moment?

The chief Mexican mole whacker is getting more and more grandiose. Not a good sign.

Calderon’s Churchill Moment? | Mexico: "In what was one of his longest speeches to date, last Friday Mexican President Felipe Calderón gave a resounding defense of his administration’s battle against organized crime and sought to compare critics of his governments’ security policies to those who doubted of Churchill’s resolve in confronting the Nazis. Calderón went on extend the comparison between himself and Churchill by retelling the wartime PM’s response to his then detractors. ...

What the Churchill parallel now makes overwhelmingly clear is that that the President believes he is fighting a war of necessity where the means justify the ends and monumental losses are to be expected in the country’s long-term struggle for peace and security. With the death toll now over 38,000 and little to no tangible signs of progress, how or when this long-term security will be achieved remains less clear.


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