May 19, 2011

Whack-a-mole drug war: Imperialism - Bankers, Drug Wars and Genocide

A radical analysis of the economics and politics of the "drug war," from The People's Voice

Imperialism: Bankers, Drug Wars and Genocide: "In May 2011, Mexican investigators uncovered another mass clandestine grave with dozens of mutilated corpses; bringing the total number of victims to 40,000 killed since 2006 when the Calderon regime announced its “war on drug traffickers”. Backed by advisers, agents and arms, the White House has been the principal promotor of a ‘war’ that has totally decimated Mexico’s society and economy.

If Washington has been the driving force for the regime’s war, Wall Street banks have been the main instruments ensuring the profits of the drug cartels. Every major US bank has been deeply involved in laundering hundreds of billions of dollars in drug profits, for the better part of the past decade."

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