May 27, 2011

Whack-a-mole drug war: With Guatemala Massacre, Mexico Drug Gang Rules by Terror

More on "barbarism" as a cartel tactic. See our post on Barbarism & Societal Warfare South of the Border?

With Guatemala Massacre, Mexico Drug Gang Rules by Terror: "In the wake of a massacre in northern Guatemala, observers have been left with the question of why the Zetas drug gang would kill and dismember 27 farm laborers who apparently had no connection with organized crime.

Extreme violence has always been a signature of the Zetas, a Mexican criminal group which has an expanding presence in Central America. ...

As indicated by events like the recent Peten massacre, or the 2008 killing of 17 people at a horse show in Huehuetenango, the Zetas have chosen (instead of competing with existing Guatemala gangs) to establish and maintain their power through extreme force. ...

By indiscriminately targeting civilians, it seems their intention was to spread terror and win the ability to conduct their illicit businesses unopposed."

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