May 20, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Ex-PAN boss says End Mexico's 'war experiment'

Ex-PAN boss: End Mexico's 'war experiment' - El Paso Times: "A former supporter of Mexican President Felipe Calderón on Thursday called on Calderón to end his 'war experiment' against the drug cartels because it is causing the loss of too many people.

Manuel Espino Barrientos, a former congressman in Mexico and former leader of the ruling National Action Party, known as PAN, also said Calderón suffers from 'presidential deafness' because he refuses to listen to his closest advisers.

Calderón 'must redefine his strategy against organized crime,' Espino Barrientos said. 'Deployment of federal police and Mexican troops is not the answer, since that approach has carried out a huge bloodshed in Mexico.'"

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