Jun 20, 2011

The Border: Corruption adds to problems at the Mexican border

Is anyone really surprised, with all that money floating across the border?

Corruption adds to problems at the Mexican border | Chronicle | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle: "He was an ambitious drug smuggler with ties to a Mexican cartel; she a newly minted U.S. Border Patrol agent wooed into a romance with the trafficker.

'I asked her if she wanted to hang out with me, and she said yes,' recalled Diego Esquivel, who, according to court testimony, hoped to start smuggling more lucrative shipments on his own. 'I asked her what I could do to avoid being caught. ... She provided information.'

Rookie agent Raquel 'Kelly' Esquivel - no relation to Diego - is serving 15 years in a North Texas federal prison, one of many federal law enforcement personnel targeted by Mexican drug cartels in criminals' widening campaign to infiltrate or buy turncoats within the expanding ranks of 20,700 Border Patrol agents and 21,000 Customs and Border Protection officers stationed at airports, seaports and land crossings."

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