Jun 28, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: Common thread present in immigration law challenges

An overview of the court challenges to immigration crackdown laws passed in Arizona, Utah, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama.

Common thread present in immigration law challenges - CNN.com: "With a federal judge striking down the most controversial parts of a tough immigration law in Georgia this week, a pattern has emerged of how such laws are being interpreted at the federal level, though their final fate remains uncertain.

Anti-illegal immigration measures have been passed in Arizona, Utah, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Alabama. Parts of those laws have been suspended in four of those states, pending resolutions to the lawsuits. The American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama has vowed to file a lawsuit against the immigration law in that state, which is slated to go into effect in September. The ACLU has also said it will challenge the South Carolina law.

Some parts included in all four of the laws that have been challenged have been struck down in those states.
One measure that has met challenges at every turn has been the one allowing police to inquire about immigration status when questioning suspects. Opponents have said that this will lead to racial profiling, and federal judges have agreed."

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