Jun 1, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: New ID law in Arizona stirs worries for immigrants

New ID law in Arizona stirs worries for immigrants: "Starting July 20, state and local government entities no longer can recognize photo-ID cards issued by foreign consulates. The cards often are the sole form of photo identification for individuals living in another country who do not have a passport or a local driver's license. ...

The law, Senate Bill 1465, further distinguishes Arizona in its stance on illegal immigration.

More than 30 states accept the cards as a legitimate form of photo identification for citizens of other countries.

Sometimes called "matricula consular" cards, the IDs are issued by some foreign governments to their citizens living, both legally and illegally, in another country. The cards show in which country individuals hold citizenship as well as their U.S. residential address. Cardholders use them to open bank accounts, set up utility services, acquire library cards and, to varying degrees, prove their identity to law enforcement."

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