Jun 22, 2011

Immigration: Poll shows steady support for immigration - Justin Ho - POLITICO.com

The problem, of course, is in how "legal immigration" is set up as a category versus "illegal immigration" as if they were two separate and contrary issues. See today's post on "Development and Migration: the Missing Link"

Poll: Steady support for immigration - Justin Ho - POLITICO.com: "The Gallup survey found that 59 percent of Americans think legal immigration is a good thing for the country, while 37 percent oppose it.

The number of Americans who favor more immigration has climbed to 18 percent, a figure that has slowly increased over time. The numbers were 14 percent in 2009 and 10 percent in 1999.

American opinion on legal immigration has held relatively steady throughout the past decade, with the percentage favoring immigration reaching a high of 67 percent in 2006 and a low of 52 percent in 2002 - largely as a response to the September 11th attacks, according to Gallup."

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