Jun 10, 2011

Immigration Reality: Why Immigrants Are Good for Our Economy

Why Immigrants Are Good for Our Economy - Richard Florida - Business - The Atlantic: "'widespread misconceptions about the economic effects of immigration' stem 'from a lack of information that's largely due to both the Democratic and Republican parties' unwillingness to pursue immigration reform, after years of failed attempts.'

Nonetheless, a wide body of research shows the ways that immigration powers the twin engines of American innovation and entrepreneurship. Foreign-born founders and entrepreneurs stand behind anywhere from a third to a half of Silicon Valley high-tech startups, and comprise huge shares of computer scientists and software engineers.

A new Brookings Institution report provides important new data and evidence on the role of immigration and immigrants across US metros. Two conclusions stand out.

The share of high-skill immigrants has risen consistently over the past several decades....; there are more high-skill immigrants in the United States now than low skill ones. "

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