Jun 2, 2011

U.S. - Mexico Border: National Guard to stay at border three more months

Paranoia wins again.

National Guard to stay at border three more months | border, along, mexico - Brownsville Herald: "The deployment of 250 National Guard troops along the border with Mexico has been extended for three months.

The troops were scheduled to leave at the end of June, but the Obama Administration announced Wednesday they would stay at least until the end of September.

It was welcome news to Brownsville resident Pamela Taylor, who lives near the Rio Grande. She has written letters to President Barack Obama and members of Congress asking for additional patrols along the Texas-Mexico border.

“I think it’s fantastic. I think maybe he is starting to think and realize that the people down here have a problem,” Taylor said. “They could be putting the Army on the border. It is going to have to get to that, I think, because it is definitely going to get worse. I would like for it to be a definite thing until things change in Mexico.”

Department of Homeland Security spokesman Matthew Chandler said the president is asking Congress to reprogram $30 million to keep the National Guard in place for the additional three months."

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