Jun 29, 2011

¡Viva Mexico!: Gold Cup Commentary: US loss the only way forward

On a literally level playing field, Mexico is more than a match for the U.S. Too bad it doesn't have that equal foundation in other areas of competition, like economic and political power. 

Gold Cup Commentary: US loss the only way forward | MLSsoccer.com: "The US are now staring reality in the face: Mexico have stolen away the title of Best Team in CONCACAF, and they did it authoritatively and definitively by blowing through the US with style, class and joy — all of the things with which the Americans aspire to play.

This is not a blip on the radar, and it’s not a heavyweight throwing a punch and dancing backward to await a counterpunch. What El Tri did at the Rose Bowl is a clear sign that the balance of power in the region has shifted back South of the Border.

This Mexico team is perhaps the best in history with its whirlwind of an attack and flexible defensive backbone."

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