Jun 27, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Contrary to popular belief, Mexico winning cartel war. OpEd

The author of this article, Ricardo Ainslie, teaches at the University of Texas at Austin. The byline notes that, "He has spent the last two years exploring the impact of the violence on Ciudad Juarez, as well as interviewing Mexican policymakers, including several current and former members of President Felipe Calderón's security cabinet." He is also the author of the forthcoming "The Savior of Juarez: Mexico at the Time of the Great Drug War" (University of Texas Press).
Guess we'll have to read the book to find out who "The Savior" is.

Contrary to popular belief, Mexico winning cartel war | Viewpoints, Outlook | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle: "The Mexican government, finally, is gaining the upper hand in a drug war that has turned much of the border region and parts of interior Mexico into war zones. President Felipe Calderón's campaign against the cartels is now three-and-a-half years old and the death toll is nearing 40,000. After a series of visits to Ciudad Juarez, the war's epicenter, and interviews with federal law enforcement and intelligence officials in Mexico City, I see convincing evidence that the government has dramatically weakened the drug cartels, an essential step if the country is to restore peace."

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