Jun 28, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Mexico Brands Drug Gang Tactics 'Terrorist'

More on the growing governmental impetus to construct the war on drugs as a war on terrorist. From "InSight - Organized Crime in the Americas

Mexico Brands Drug Gang Tactics 'Terrorist': "A report by Mexico’s government has branded the actions of the Familia drug gang as 'terrorist' -- a misleading term to describe a criminal group that has no more political aims or violent tactics than its rivals in the Mexican underworld.

The Secretariat of Public Security's report, titled “Results of the Federal Police in the combat of the criminal organization the Familia,” has sparked wide interest in the country. Applying the “terrorist” label is a guaranteed attention-getter, and, indeed, the report was front-page news on a number of different newspapers.

However, the moniker is not well used here. Even if one overlooks the overtly political or religious element of most modern terrorism and accepts that drug gangs in Mexico occasionally employ terrorist-style tactics, it’s not clear that the Familia has earned the designation."

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