Jun 16, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: New Mexican President, Same Cartel War?

A detailed analysis, by the Stratfor intelligence group, on the dynamics of the cartels and the drug war that will make it impossible for the next president of Mexico to alter the current strategy. 

New Mexican President, Same Cartel War? | STRATFOR: "As the Mexican election approaches, the idea of accommodating the cartels may continue to be presented as a logical alternative to the present policies, and it might be used to gain political capital, but anyone who carefully examines the situation on the ground will see that the concept is totally untenable. In fact, the conditions on the ground leave the Mexican president with very little choice. This means that in the same way President Obama was forced by ground realities to follow many of the Bush administration policies he criticized as a candidate, the next Mexican president will have little choice but to follow the policies of the Calderon administration in continuing the fight against the cartels."

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