Jun 9, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: No Exit: Why Mexico's Drug Gangs Target Rehab Clinics

From the website: Insight-Organized Crime in the Americas.

No Exit: Why Mexico's Drug Gangs Target Rehab Clinics: "As Mexico’s drug war rages on, it is increasingly common for criminal groups to target rehabilitation centers in revenge attacks. InSight takes a closer look at this violent phenomenon, and examines the connections between addiction clinics and drug trafficking in the country. ...

Gangs frequently target private, unlicensed rehabilitation centers, because they are more likely to take in active gang members seeking to free themselves from an addiction to their own product. In contrast to government-licensed rehabilitation centers in Mexico, private clinics are not associated with the penal system and often have very little security, leaving their patients vulnerable to attacks by gangs seeking to avenge the death of a friend or eliminate a potential police informant. Some unlicensed clinics may also serve as fronts for drug dealing, or even as safe houses for gangsters seeking to lay low."

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