Jun 1, 2011

Whack-a-mole drug war: To Live and Die in Mexico

Interview with John Gibler, author of "To Die in Mexico."

To Live and Die in Mexico: PW Talks with John Gibler: "Gibler, a San Francisco-based journalist, reports from the front lines of the drug war in To Die in Mexico. He risked his own life to bring readers the stories of communities struggling to survive in a land terrorized by violence and where the authorities are complicit in—and profiting from—the chaos. ...

"A major challenge for me was to view and write about the execution scenes in a way that did not sensationalize the violence, to try and see the impacts of death upon all the life that remains. As Javier Valdez recommends, to not only count the dead, but tell the stories, playing on the two meanings of the verb “contar” in Spanish."

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