Jun 30, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: UN Report Fails to Question Assumptions of War on Drugs

Bingo! From 'InSight - Organized Crime in the Americas

UN Report Fails to Question Assumptions of War on Drugs: "The annual United Nations' World Drug Report is a useful document for identifying broad trends in the war on drugs. It is even more useful as an example of why global prohibition of narcotics will never succeed. ...

... the information in the report is less interesting than the broader analysis which is left out. Year after year, the reports fail to discuss whether the UN's "zero tolerance" approach to global drug policy is working. The studies provide plenty of charts and graphs, but little reflection on the obvious and well-documented failures of global drug prohibition. The assumptions at the core of the UNODC reports are never questioned. Reading the report can feel like listening to someone describe shadows on the wall; the UN examines the effects of drug control policies, but never their root causes."

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