Jun 21, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Violence metastasizes in Mexico

Violence metastasizes in Mexico - Mexico in Focus: "Like the metastasis of a terminal disease, the violence in Mexico is spreading throughout the entire country with a speed that makes it almost impossible to keep the smallest bit of hope.

Last week, Monterrey –the third largest city in Mexico and the capital of Nuevo León state– broke a bloody record with 33 people killed in one single day. It was the goriest day of a war that has left more than 650 people dead this year. Two of the state governor’s bodyguards were also killed and mutilated during the week.

As most of the cities in the country, Monterrey also has problems of police corruption and impunity. It also has a huge problem of unequal distribution of wealth and a growing problem of neglected population. In few words, it has everything to become another Ciudad Juárez with its thousands of killed people every year."

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