Jun 12, 2011

Movement for Peace with Justice: Mexican peace caravan crosses US border

Javier Sicilia and the Caravan for Peace wtih Justice is welcomed to El Paso, Texas. (Note: this report is from the French Press, not a U.S. paper.)

AFP: Mexican peace caravan crosses US border: "'The United States must admit their responsibility in the violence in Mexico,' said Sicilia as he spoke in front of hundreds of members of American organizations and immigrants.

He asked Washington to end the Merida Initiative, a plan that began in 2008 to support Mexico and certain Central American countries in their fight against drug traffickers by partnering with the governments and providing assistance such as training and equipment to law enforcement. ...

Sicilia, who has emerged as the face of the protest movement since his son and six others were tortured to death near the central resort of Cuernavaca, was cheered by hundreds of people waving American and Mexican flags as he walked through the streets of El Paso.

On Friday, Sicilia sponsored the signing of a citizens' pact in Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican town across the border from El Paso.

The pact calls for a radical change to President Felipe Calderon's strategy of fighting drug trafficking. ...

"This senseless war must stop, because of the damage it has caused in Mexico and in Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador," Sicilia told the AFP."

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