Jun 9, 2011

Movement for Peace with Justice: Mexico peace tour - heading into Zetas 'territory'

Mexico peace tour: heading into Zetas 'territory' - CSMonitor.com: "The Caravan for Peace heads into Monterrey – en route to its final destination, Ciudad Juárez – and the streets are deserted. ...

... the few residents who did show up to march say it is fear, not a lack of care, that keep so many from speaking out. “There is no more normality in Monterrey,” says one man, who prefers not to give his name. “In Monterrey we can't even hold private parties, because suddenly the bad guys can show up and attack us. I say 'the bad guys' because we don't want to name names to avoid problems.”

“Not everyone dares to take to the streets. People are incredibly afraid to come out and show their disgust toward what's happening,” he adds. “This is a society broken by fear, not by indifference.”"

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