Jun 27, 2011

Drug War Bloodshed: Zeta Testimony Solves Mystery of Brutal Bus Massacres

From "InSight - Organized Crime in the Americas"

Zeta Testimony Solves Mystery of Brutal Bus Massacres: "The testimony of the latest captured member of the Zetas organization seems to have resolved the mystery of why that group decided to pull dozens of people off intermunicipal buses in the state of Tamaulipas earlier this year -- then torture, murder, and bury them in mass graves.

The Zeta member, Edgar Huerta Montiel, alias “El Wache,” told authorities (see video below) that his group targeted the buses because they feared their rivals, the Gulf Cartel, were getting reinforcements from other states. “They were orders from above, from [Zetas’ maximum commander Heriberto] Lazcano [that] because those guys were going to the enemy...we had to get them off and investigate them,” he explained. “Every day a bus came,” he continued, “And the ones who had nothing to do with it, were freed. But those that did, they were killed.”"

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