Jun 4, 2011

Movement for Peace with Justice: Javier Sicilia says U.S. Guns, Government Failures Threaten Mexico's Future

Yes! Yes! Yes! Javier Sicilia is right on about what would benefit both Mexico and the U.S.  - end the drug war! As for U.S. responsibility, we would state is even more strongly. Yes, "American society plays a role,...and has "to be aware of this and act," to which we add, because we are "part of the crime."

Javier Sicilia: U.S. Guns, Government Failures Threaten Mexico's Future - New America Media: "While the Mexican and U.S. governments have squandered large sums of money fighting the war on drugs, the real crises are violent crimes fueled by American weaponry and Mexico’s failure to ensure the safety of its citizens and adequate education for future generations, says Mexican journalist and activist Javier Sicilia.

Sicilia, who was honored at Global Exchange’s 9th Annual Human Rights Awards in San Francisco this week, spoke at a press conference addressing Mexico’s future in the wake of the ongoing drug-related violence....

Sicilia stressed that it will take efforts from Americans as well as Mexicans to improve Mexico's "rotten state."

The first thing that would “benefit both countries” would be for the U.S. to end “its unconditional support for this [drug] war,” Scilia said.

“The American society plays a role, “ he said, "and they have to be aware of this, and act, otherwise they’ll be part of this crime.”"

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