Jul 7, 2011

The Border: Man Climbs Over New U.S./Mexico Border Fence; TV Station Has Pictures

Janet Napolitano, now Secretary of Homeland Security, is quoted as saying, when Governor of Arizona, "Show me a ten foor fence and I'll show you an eleven foot ladder." This ladder was obviously over sixteen feet tall.

Man Climbs Over New U.S./Mexico Border Fence; KFOX14 Has Pictures - News Story - KFOX El Paso: "An El Paso resident Joshua Jordan was taking pictures of the new U.S./Mexico border fence from the passenger's seat of a car while driving down Paisano Drive. Jordan said most of his out-of-state friends don’t believe how big the fence is. Jordan got more than he bargained for when his camera captured a man climbing over the fence and dropping down to the street below. The man had used a tall ladder on the Mexican side of the fence to get to the top.

The next thing Jordan saw was a second man climb up the ladder, with a bicycle, and throw the bicycle over the fence to his friend. Jordan made a U-turn to see if the man was hurt, but he saw the man riding away on the bike.

The fence is about 16 feet tall, and in some places it's even taller. The holes in the fence are too small for most people to put their fingers in and get a grip to climb.

Supervising Border Patrol agent Demetrio Guerra said between good old-fashioned border patrol work and video surveillance, agents were able to catch and detain the man who climbed over the fence.

"Just because you don't see Border Patrol out on the fence line doesn't mean we're not being vigilant and watching the border," Guerra said."

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