Jul 12, 2011

Immigration Crackdown: Alabama Churches Mobilize Against Harsh Anti-Illegal Immigration Law

Alabama Churches Mobilize Against Harsh Anti-Illegal Immigration Law - Fox News Latino: "Now that Alabama has passed what's widely considered the nation's most restrictive state law against illegal immigration, mainstream churches, faith-based organizations and individual members are at the forefront of opposition to the act. Some see their involvement as a way to avoid repeating mistakes of the past.

'I think what happened in the `60s may be a stimulus for the action that you have seen many of the churches taking on this,' said Chriss H. Doss, an attorney and ordained Southern Baptist minister.

Matt Lacey, who is pastor of a United Methodist church once attended by Birmingham's infamous segregationist police commissioner Eugene 'Bull' Connor, said there are all sorts of reasons Alabama Christians are opposed to the law. Making amends for the past inaction of religious groups is among them, he said.

'For me, as pastor of a church that was engaged in that battle, it is very important,' said Lacey. 'If we take redemption very seriously, then it not only covers our sins but our past actions as a church. I think for some, there is a tendency to want to be on the side of right on this issue. ... I would like to think the church just wants to do what's right.'"

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