Jul 5, 2011

Immigration Crackdown - Georgia

Illegal Immigration, Georgia: "I was born in Georgia. Edilberto was not, but he has toiled in Georgia’s onion fields for the past 16 years. By all signs, he has led a contented, albeit hard, life in the state where his three children were born. Now though, he is planning to move to North Carolina. That is because on July 1 parts of a new immigration law—HB 87—took effect in Georgia, requiring employers with more than ten workers to check the immigration status of a new hire in a federal database; another stipulation makes it a felony to give false information on a job application. These, and a ream of other provisions, are meant to curb the numbers of those who are in Georgia but were not born in the US.

There are around 425,000 undocumented workers in Georgia, but that number will likely decrease."

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