Jul 8, 2011

Immigration Politics:. Gov. Perry Allows Execution Ignoring International Convention

Once again, Govenor Perry of Texas goes up against President Obama 

New ArticlePage » peoplesworld: "Thumbing his nose at President Obama, Texas's Republican Governor Rick Perry allowed the Thursday evening execution of a Mexican national, even though the action violated U.S. treaty obligations under the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations to U.S. states.

The Vienna Convention stipulates, among other things, that citizens of one country arrested in another have the right to consult, 'without delay,' with their own country's consulate, and to be so informed of that right by the arresting authority. If the arrested person so requests, the police must take the initiative by, for example, faxing pertinent information to the prisoner's consulate.

Yet for years, state governments, especially that of Texas, have simply ignored the Vienna Convention, and neither allowed arrested foreigners to contact their consulates nor informed them of their right to do so. In Texas currently, there are reportedly 11,400 citizens of Mexico awaiting execution in state prisons, who have been denied their rights under the Convention."

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