Jul 23, 2011

Immigration Reality: LA day laborers double as actors to teach, empower

A wonderful story about the creative freedom of art giving expression to the vitality of human beings who happen to be unauthorized immigrants.

LA day laborers double as actors to teach, empower | ajc.com: "Most days, they are construction workers and painters and maids.

But twice a year, this group of day laborers morphs into actors in a traveling street theater troupe that performs at the very job centers where they and others gather to seek work across Southern California.

Blending at-times bawdy humor with a serious message about employer abuses, the Los Angeles-based Day Laborer Theater Without Borders has helped teach illegal immigrants with little education or knowledge of the law about their rights in this country. ...

The troupe had its start three years ago when day laborers found themselves at the heart of a heated national debate over illegal immigration. Now, the group is helping other troupes get going in San Francisco and Maryland, while a similar group already exists in New Orleans."

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