Jul 8, 2011

Immigration Reality vs. Crackdown: Teachers in middle of debate over immigrant kids

Good story about the dilemma of school teachers and principals who seek - and have been directed by the Supreme Court - to educate all chldren but who are increasingly pressured not to help children who are undocumented immigrants. 

The story focues on two school administrators in Mountain View, California, who helped Jose Antonio Vargas get into college.

The Associated Press: Teachers in middle of debate over immigrant kids: "When an award-winning journalist recently revealed he's an illegal immigrant, two of the key players in his tale turned out to be educators who helped keep his secret. It's the kind of story teachers and principals scattered across the country know well.

With some 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., educators increasingly find themselves caught between their obligation to educate each child and conflicting guidance, or simply no direction at all, about whether to help such students beyond the classroom.

Law officers and lawmakers in some states want schools to help spot illegal immigrants. Federal authorities remind school officials that every child is entitled to an education. National education groups echo that but recommend that schools avoid getting involved when it comes to students' citizenship issues.
Ultimately, the adults in each classroom have to decide for themselves how far they will go."

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