Jul 16, 2011

Legalization: End the Drug War by Rescheduling All Drugs

Robbie Gennet: End the Drug War by Rescheduling All Drugs: "A startling fact:

The $320 billion annual global drug industry now accounts for 1 percent of all commerce on the planet.

The war on drugs is a failure. All that taxpayer money spent with no real impact on lowering taxpayer consumption. Yet simply adjusting the methodology and basis of our drug scheduling could change it all, using a new set of standards based on empirical data and facts, not misleading rhetoric propping up the status quo. The impact of rescheduling all drugs by sound scientific standards would not just create a better and more sensible drug policy overall, but would shake up our social norms from incarceration and law enforcement to what we can buy at 7-11 and what we teach kids."

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