Jul 20, 2011

Mexican Politics: Amnesia and 2019 Mexican Presidential Election

From the blog chillychilango 

Amnesia | chillychilango: "It sounds like it isn’t real, like it is all out of a brightly colored, long sideburned 70′s documentary about Mexican politics. ...

Back then, I didn’t know that only one political party had been in the Presidency of the Republic since the revolution–sixty years! How did they do it? They must have been really good and people probably loved these guys. It was a very tough awakening back in 1988 when, by arts of a fraud, the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI) managed to remain in power.

They created institutions, codes and bylaws that were ahead of their time. They also designed an entire scheme for making the system work for them in the manner of a profitable business. They were the direct result of the class war that the Mexican Revolution wound up to be. They stood up for country and city workers and then hand-picked puppet leaders for the major unions that would create political clients as well as the decay of the real labor rights fighters. Theft. Corruption. Fraud. Murder. The cynical cartoon of a democratic dictatorship. No less, much more.

Will the young people come out and vote (hopefully in a massive manner) in 2012 for President of Mexico remember any of this? They probably remember Vicente Fox and think, “we didn’t do so well with him or Calderon, let’s give these PRI guys a chance”.

Do you remember? Will you help them remember?"

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