Jul 21, 2011

U.S. Politics: Medicaid Cuts Would Hurt Millions of Latinos

Latin American Herald Tribune - Medicaid Cuts Would Hurt Millions of Latinos: "One in every four U.S. Hispanics could lose health coverage if Congress makes big cuts to Medicaid as part of a deficit-reducing deal to raise the debt limit, activists say.

An analysis by the National Council of La Raza detailing the extent of Latinos’ reliance on Medicaid in each of the 50 states showed that the program is the only source of medical coverage for 49.8 percent of Hispanic children in the United States.

In light of that finding, the NCLR is “deeply worried” about the direction of the budget talks between the White House and Congress, Eric Rodriguez, La Raza’s vice president for Research, Advocacy and Legislation, said in a conference call with reporters."

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