Jul 14, 2011

Weapons Traffic: Gun Mayhem Along the Border - NYTimes Editorial

Gun Mayhem Along the Border - NYTimes.com: "It is an open and deadly scandal that at least 70 percent of the weapons recovered in Mexico’s bloody drug war originate in the United States, where shady gun buyers operate freely thanks to loopholes in American law. To its credit, the Obama administration has ordered the more than 8,000 dealers along the border to begin reporting multiple sales of AK-47s and other semiautomatic battlefield weapons to the federal firearms bureau. ...

Gun lobby sycophants in Congress are calling the regulation a smoke screen to distract attention from a gun-tracking operation ('Fast and Furious') botched by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. ...
If anything, the ill-conceived operation, which deserves the fullest investigation, is a measure of the firearms bureau’s frustration in dealing with porous American law.

The new regulation is one answer to the problem. Controls also are needed over sellers at gun shows who, unlike gun shops, are unregulated in peddling war weaponry. The Obama administration must pursue stronger gun controls as Congress plays lackey to the gun lobby."

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