Jul 7, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Mexican smugglers have new ruse

What? You mean those drug moles have no scruples?!

Mexican smugglers have new ruse - UPI.com: "Mexican drug smugglers are hiding drugs in the vehicles of people who regularly cross the U.S.-Mexican border, an FBI affidavit alleges.

Smugglers find their targets by posting lookouts at the port of entry to identify vehicles using the express lane daily, the El Paso (Texas) Times reported Thursday.

After identifying a vehicle, smugglers covertly obtain the car's vehicle identification number and use it to have spare keys made. Smugglers then secretly stash a load of drugs in the vehicle's trunk and the next morning drivers would drive the car across the border, not knowing they were hauling drugs, an FBI affidavit said."

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