Jul 26, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Mexico Navy Sees Golden Reputation Tarnished

From 'InSight Crime'

Mexico Navy Sees Golden Reputation Tarnished: "The Mexican navy has taken on a major role in the country’s fight against organized crime, but, despite various high-profile successes, it increasingly faces accusations of committing abuses and failing to improve security in Mexico. ...

... the navy's reputation as the cleaner force has recently taken some blows. Allegations have surfaced about·corruption within its ranks, and it has faced criticism from human rights group Amnesty International (AI). The organization said that the navy's increasingly prominent role in the fight against crime has coincided with an increase in human rights violations in Mexico. AI has called for Mexican authorities to investigate the disappearance of six people whose relatives claim were detained by the navy on June 5, during an operation in Tamaulipas state. The naval department has admitted that its troops "had contact"with the six but denies that they were detained."

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