Jul 21, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Mexico seizes over 800 tonnes of meth chemicals

One could read this as a "success" in the drug war. Or as a measure of the size of the drug market. 

Mexico seizes over 800 tonnes of meth chemicals | Reuters: "The Mexican army has seized just under 840 tonnes of chemicals used for making methamphetamine in a raid in central Mexico, one of the biggest finds of its kind ever made in the country.

The seizure took place in a warehouse in an industrial area in Queretaro, about 125 miles north of Mexico City, the Defense Ministry said in a statement late Wednesday....

"This is the biggest seizure there's been of precursor chemicals (in Mexico)," said Alberto Islas, a security expert at consultancy Risk Evaluation. It may even be the biggest seizure ever made worldwide, Islas added."

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