Jul 30, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Sinaloa cartel: Pilot found his calling smuggling cocaine

Cops and Robbers: Making drugs illegal creates criminals, "robbers."  Once the "robbers" are created, that gives the "cops"something to do. Here is the third installment in the Los Angeles Times "cops and robbers"series on the Sinaloa cartel vs the "drug cops," the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Sinaloa Mexico cartel: Pilot found his calling smuggling cocaine - latimes.com: "Flying shipments for the Sinaloa drug cartel was Ward's best gig in years. No street dealing, packaging or other grubby chores required. He delivered cocaine to a distributor in Pennsylvania and returned with duffel bags stuffed with up to $2.8 million, keeping a few 6-inch stacks of cash for himself.

Taking off from Riverside County's Corona Municipal Airport at dawn, Ward could be back the next day, feeding twenties and hundreds into the counting machine at his home in Carlsbad."

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