Jul 22, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: 'Strike' on La Familia Mexican drug cartel nabs dozens in Texas | Chronicle | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

Vamos a ver. We'll see. In the past, such 'surgical strikes' in the U.S. have only netted low level drug peddlers and done nothing to stop the flow of drugs into the country. The drugs and cash captured are also negligible compared to the vast amounts exchanged in the drug market.

'Strike' on Mexican drug cartel nabs dozens in Texas | Chronicle | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle: "The Drug Enforcement Administration has arrested 1,985 people in Texas and across the country, part of what the agency called a 'surgical strike' to take down a network used by a besieged Mexican drug cartel believed to supply the vast majority of the methamphetamine imported into the United States.

At least 44 people in Austin were charged with alleged roles in smuggling drugs and cash on behalf of La Familia Michoacana cartel, the DEA announced Thursday. ...

DEA chief Michele Leonhart said Thursday in Washington, "The strong joint efforts with our Mexican and U.S. law enforcement partners are crippling this brutal organization by capturing its leaders, strangling its distribution networks and relentlessly pursuing its members and those who facilitate them."...

U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole lauded the operation. "The arrests and seizures we are announcing today have stripped La Familia of its manpower, its deadly product and its profit," Cole said, "and helped make communities, larger and small, safer."

Arrests were made from California to Washington, D.C., but none occurred in Houston, which is considered part of a central network used by some of La Familia's biggest rivals."

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